The Secret to Figuring Out Your Hair Porosity

In the natural hair community, we hear about this thing called hair porosity so much we have probably become numb to the concept. However, any natural who seems to always have healthy, thriving hair may just agree with me that hair porosity is the most important thing to learn about your hair when finding what works for your hair.

I am going to break down what each level of hair porosity means for absorbing moisture into our hair strands and what test I find to be the most simplistic when trying to identify your hair's porosity.

The Basics

Low porosity hair cuticles are tightly closed which makes it harder for the hair strands to get moisture inside. This porosity level benefits drastically from applying heat to open up hair cuticles. Once moisture is effectively absorbed, this porosity type can stay moisturized for days.

Medium porosity hair cuticles are neither closed or open. This porosity level benefits from all methods of absorbing moisture into the hair cuticles because it isn't hard to open or close the hair cuticle. The moisture tends to leave at a steady pace.

High porosity hair cuticles are wide open which makes it harder to keep moisture inside the hair strands. This porosity can use any temperature of water to open up cuticles and get moisture inside of the hair strands, but moisture escapes as easily as it enters.

Float Test

The water float test is the simplest and easiest test that is effective in determining your hair's porosity, but it must be done correctly for accuracy.

A essential part of this test to remember is that your hair strands must be tested on freshly shampooed hair that is free from product. If not, your hair may read as normal or high porosity.

Go ahead and fill up a cup with room temperature water and wait about 2-5 minutes to see what happens!

If your hair floats at the top of the cup, you have low porosity hair. If your hair floats in the middle of the cup, you have medium/normal porosity. If your hair sinks to the bottom of the cup, you have high porosity.

If you want more details on hair porosity, make sure to watch the youtube video I recorded that is shown above and subscribe to my channel for more beauty related content.

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